The Executive Association of Daytona Beach Unlocking Business Potential Since 1981

Membership in the Executive Association of Daytona Beach (EADB) is comprised of successful businesses in the Daytona Beach area.

The Association meets weekly for the primary purpose of exchanging leads, contacts and mutual business.

EADB’s members work hard to provide business leads for fellow members and to do business with one another whenever possible.

Membership is limited to one business per category. And there is a waiting list for many categories.

Grow your business:

Every Wednesday morning, one of our members makes a presentation about his or her business. This is an opportunity to let others know what leads are best for your business. A different member has this “spotlight” each week.

You also have the opportunity to host an open house at your business in order to make other members more aware of your products and services.


After the presentation, each member then shares the leads he or she brought to the meeting. It is a time proven fact that the more leads you bring to the meetings, the more business you will receive over time. This is the most important part of our association and it is the reason we have been so successful since our founding in 1981.